Proudly powered by passion.

All of our directors, advisors, teachers, writers, and designers work pro bono to support Novus. Here are some ways that you can contribute to Novus.


Seasoned professionals in the tech/ business industry can volunteer to mentor our students.

Corporate Exposure

Host Novus students on a field trip at your workplace.


Lend your expertise through pro bono consultation.

Event Space

Lend your space to a Novus seminar/ conference.

Donations/ Sponsorships

Help fund Novus chapters, seminars, and conferences.


Let us know how you want to contribute!

Pitch Day 2020

At Novus Club's second annual pitch day, over 50 high school students will gather at Chicago's tech and entrepreneurship hub,1871, to pitch theoretical tech-ventures to Industry practitioners. Novas members participating in the theoretical entrepreneurship competitive event will be evaluated on the quality of their business plans, MVPs, development report, and pitches.