Novus CLUB

Building a generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Empowering the next generation of digital entrepreneurs

Novus is committed to building a generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs by empowering the youth of today with the skills needed to succeed tomorrow.

Our Values

Novus Club hosts events and develops programming that is accessible, inclusive, and valuable to students from all backgrounds.


Novus Club actively works to develop corporate partnerships that keeps fees affordable for students from all backgrounds.

Skills Gap

Over 90% of Pitch Day participants are interested in pursuing higher education in business or computer science.


Novus Club works with partner schools to develop and distribute inclusive marketing material that appeals to students from all backgrounds.

Pitch Day 2020

In 2020, Novus Club brought over 100 talented high school entrepreneurs together virtually to pitch their startups to industry practitioners for a seed investment prize. Students who attended Pitch Day experienced an amazing opportunity to learn, create, and grow.

Pitch Day

Annually, Novus Club partners with Chicago-local companies to host a pitch competition for high school students in the Chicagoland area.

Professional Networking

At Pitch Day, students have the unique opportunity to hear from talented speakers and interact with seasoned judges who come from Chicagoland’s startup community.

Seed Investment Prize

The top 3 performers at Novus Club’s annual Pitch Day receive a small seed investment prize that they can use to further develop their startup.

Educator Insights

Pitch Day judges are active business and tech practitioners who work at our sponsor companies. Their industry-backed feedback contributes to the student scoring process and is available to educators through the Novus Club portal.