Novus Club

Building a generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Our Values

Novus is focused on building a modern generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. In our mission, we pursue the following values.

Low-income Students

Novus is 100% cost-free for all students.

Skills Gap

Over 90% of our students are interested in pursuing a business or computer science -related career.


Over 50% of our 2018 Pitch Day participants were female.

Empowering the next generation of digital entrepreneurs

Novus is comitted to building a generation of leaders, innovators, and entreprenurs by empowering the youth of today with the skills needed to succeed tomorrow.

Our Programs

Novus coordinates a series of programs throughout the school year to help students learn valuable skills related to computer science and entrepreneurship.



Each Novus chapter hosts regular, student-led workshops focused on entrepreneurship and app development.

Corporate Exposure

Novus Club connect its chapters to companies and industry practitioners who can share insight into the technology and business industry

Annual Pitch Competition

In March of 2019, Novus will bring together students from each of its chapter to compete in its second annual pitch competition.

Pitch Day Sponsors

The JellyVision Lab

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Strata Decision Tech

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