How to Pick the right Novus Competition

Most students who have recently heard about Novus generally stumble upon the competitive events page and are uncertain on which event they should enter. This guide should give members a general idea about which Novus category they would succeed in.

Android vs iOS vs Web

Almost every competitive category (entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and theoretical) have events in Android, iOS, and web development. Perhaps the least challenging platform across all categories is developing a web app, as there are plenty of tools and software made available both online and universally among Mac/PC. Following web apps, iOS development follows in least challenging– mostly because of the tons of educational content and resources that Apple pushes out and makes available for iOS developers. Apple does its best to make iOS development as one of the simpler platforms to develop mobile applications for, it is limited to developers with Macs. Android development, although not crazy difficult, is definitely a bit more challenging– fortunately, students can develop Android apps across any desktop OS.


The theoretical category was created for beginner level members and is what we recommend to most students who have not had much experience doing actual programming. In the theoretical events, students will not actually be coding a full-fledged application– but rather, members will focus moreso on the design, planning, and logistical aspects of their application idea. This structure of the theoretical category was designed so that members can develop a sense of what it takes to move onto the the entrepreneurship and philanthropy competitive events, where students essentially complete tasks done in the theoretical category but actually build a working application as well.


As the name suggests, the philanthropic competitive category is outlined so that students can create an application that will benefit the greater good. Google’s OneToday and the micro-donation app “Instead” are great examples of how a simple idea can be turned into an application that will help aid local communities and even the world. If you’re a member who has a philanthropic idea, humanitarian solution, or an urge to do good for the world, this is perhaps the best competitive category for you to enter.


Novus’ Entrepreneurship competitive category provides students the chance to execute an idea into an application that could generate money. For members who are interested in creating their own company or tech startup, the Novus Entrepreneurship event will facilitate opportunities for members to learn what it’s like to take an idea from start to finish in an entrepreneurial setting. This competitive event is perfect for those who want to test their tech-business idea and get feedback from industry professionals while in high school.

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