How to Use Twitter as a Personal Marketing Tool

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram often find themselves getting a bad reputation for ruining college and career prospects, but the truth is, an active, professional, and informative social media account can bump your chances of scoring an interview or getting into your dream school. Here are four ways you can use Twitter to your advantage.

Your Twitter Handle

Make your Twitter account public and easy to find. If you are going to create a professional Twitter account, you want as much exposure as possible. sts zakłady online opinie The first step to exposure is an easy and appropriate username. Your username should be directly representative of your name or nickname. If at all possible, avoid numbers, characters, and symbols in your username. Have a look at good and bad examples of Twitter handles below.

A bad Twitter handle:

A good Twitter handle:

Content is King

Your Twitter posts should represent your professional life. Are you going to a conference, working on an app, practicing some programming, doing a service project, or hosting a presentation? Post it! Maintaining an active Twitter profile full of pictures and informative descriptions of your most recent projects will impress admission counselors and employers.


Engagement on Twitter is the easiest way to score followers, favorites, and retweets. You do not want a static Twitter account where your only posts and replies are about yourself. Follow organizations you work with, companies you enjoy, congratulate your peers on their projects, and help them gain exposure by retweeting their projects. Fake followers, favorites, and retweets are easy to spot– don’t risk it!


Find out what hashtags your school or most favorite organizations use consistently! Use these hashtags in your posts when appropriate. legalne kasyno online Browsing through those hashtags is also a great way to find other like-minded professionals who you can engage with. gry kasyno owoce za darmo

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