Why Web Apps are the Future

In with the new, out with the old— the web is steadily taking over as the prime platform for app development. Here are a few reasons why web apps are the future. eb sportfogadás

1. Costs

There are no developer fees on the web. Many native platforms charge fees to publish apps on their marketplace. In order to even develop and test applications on an Apple device, developers must have an Apple Developer License which costs 0. bukméker állás Similarly, to publish an application on Google’s Play Store, developers have to pay a fee of $25.

2. Universality

Web apps are universal, meaning they work across all platforms and devices: iOS, Android, and Windows alike— even adapting to the shapes and sizes of the device.

4. Time

Updates to any web application can be pushed out immediately by developers, however apps sold on the Play Store or App Store must go through a lengthy approval process– sometimes without even being approved.

5. Complexity

Every platform uses a different language. iOS uses Swift, Android uses Java, and many desktop applications use Python or C#. Pulling everything together in one universal web app decreases complexity by narrowing the focus of a company’s developers on a single platform and language.

Google is one company that pioneered the use of web applications. In the past, almost all companies used desktop Microsoft applications like Outlook to receive emails and Word to create documents. However in recent years, surveys have shown that while Microsoft still remains somewhat dominant, Google has taken 20% of their market share with Google Docs and 50% of its market share from Outlook, using Gmail.

When choosing a Novus competitive event, consider where your target market is by conducting market surveys. You may find that a majority of your target market overwhelmingly uses one device, or you may that they’re spread out across platforms– in which you may want to consider developing a web app over a more restricted native app.

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