3 Reasons Why Design is so Important

Design is extremely crucial to the success of any product, service, or software because it’s directly correlated to the sales or popularity of a business. Design on a basic level can be considered the art of selling/promoting. Practicing elegant design in a company’s branding campaign gives it a competitive advantage. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, American business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist says “If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.”

Psychological Effect

Whether you’re designing a physical product or an intangible product, design principles are still applicable. The principle is that if the user/customer or market thinks it looks nice, they correlate it with trust, which leads to credibility and loyalty. This principle also applies to the amount of attention it receives. If a product is designed well, it encourages curiosity, which causes the audience to learn more.

User Experience

User experience is the overall experience your customer/audience has with your product/service. Technology is growing so fast that design is becoming a necessity to stay at a competitive level. Design practices can make or break a product or service– make sure that, as an entrepreneur, you maximize your return on investment (ROI) by employing the best design practices. Companies like Apple and Snapchat exhibit the best design practices. All Apple products are designed with the principle of simplicity to look beautiful inside and out. gry hazardowe automaty online hotspot Social media services, like Snapchat have developed their software to be user friendly(easy to use or understand) enough that even an older audiences began to adopt the platform. bukmacherskie zaklady online

Customer decision

A user browsing Google search results or a mobile app store is no different than a customer exploring aisles of a physical store to find an item they need. A product’s (app or website) design greatly influences a customer’s decision to buy a product/service over one’s competitor’s product/service. Market research tells us that most online consumers make quick decisions, and thus, it needs to be easy for a consumer to purchase a product; simplicity and ease of use in design go hand in hand. This practice was recently employed by Amazon, an online retailer. hraci automaty online Amazon implemented a 1-click ordering button that allows users to purchase a product all in one click, thus eliminating the hassles of inputting shipping information and payment information.

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