4 Reasons You Want a Computer Science Degree

1. The Job Market for Programmers is Continually Growing

There is absolutely no shortage in jobs for computer science majors. According to studies carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science is one of the highest paying majors and the job market for programmers is growing at a stunning 17%. gry kasyno na pieniadze That’s 2x the national average. Many skeptics call the growing market for programmers a bubble. Meaning the bubble will eventually pop, and Computer Science majors will be out of jobs. www gry hazardowe maszyny Stanford Computer Science graduate, Travis Addair, disagrees and writes that:

People are studying computer science because we need, and will continue to need, qualified computer scientists in the years to come. If any part of your assumption is correct, I think it is that there may be a fallout in the job market for mediocre software engineers. The bar will continue to get higher as automation and integration take hold. But for those who can think outside their box and truly innovate, I believe the sky’s the limit.

2. Programmers have the Best Work Spaces

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco, and Expedia all have one thing in common: they operate via software, and thus need software developers. Furthermore, all of these companies are ranked by Business Insider as part of the list for the top 20 companies to work at. automaty online opinie Watch the following two videos that explains the amazing perks of working at places like Google and Facebook.

3. Programmers are Creators

Programmers are visionaries with the power to create. Anyone can think up a vision for a potentially popular application or business, but only programmers have the know-how to execute that vision. Everything that you use on a daily basis is the product of a programmer’s creation, whether it be the device you are using to read this article, or the coffee you ordered from Starbucks; the world relies on programmers.

4. Programmers are Never Alone

Programmers always work in teams and early in your career as a computer scientist, you will be given the opportunity to learn how to work with a team. As a computer science graduate fresh out of college, you will likely begin your career as an intern. Not the stereotypical internship where you carry out minuscule duties for your superiors; but a legitimate internship, where you are given a paid opportunity to learn. The moment you run into a seemingly unsolvable problem as an intern, there are junior and senior developers standing ready to walk you through the problem.

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