The Benefits of a Business Degree

Business is for Everyone

There are many aspects of running a business, and each part plays a crucial role in maintaining a successful company. Each department of a business requires a different type of personality trait. For example, accounting is all about the process of keeping track of financial records, and students that have a mathematical type of interest often focus on the side of business that involves numbers. Another example entails the process of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising– these all fall under the category of marketing. Students that have creative development skills often concentrate on the marketing aspect of business. Likewise, business administration is another role which entices management and leadership skills for various types of companies and organizations. Students that enjoy the operational aspects of running an organization or managing groups often go into the administration side of business. Sales is a division of business that is in charge of selling products or providing service. Human resources is the department of a business or an organization that deals with the hiring, administration, and training of personnel. Students that are interested in people skills or in person persuasive strategy often go into departments such as sales or human resources. Last but not least, students that are tech savvy or work well with computers usually go into Information technology/systems related positions for businesses.

Takeaways from a Business Major

Majority of the students that are admitted into college are unaware of what to major in or which career path they should follow. Most students also don’t realize it, going into a business related college major has huge benefits and is possibly the most valuable degree one can attain. bet365 sportfogadás If a college student has not yet discovered their college major, Novus highly recommends a major in business because of the 21st century skills that are gained can be transferred into any other industry or career. The skills that business major students pick up include professional intelligence, self confidence, risk management, decision making, and time management. Even medical school graduates need business skills when applying for a position or launching their own medical practice facility. nyerögépes játékok Take a moment to consider the return on investment (ROI) of owning your business– business owners are granted huge benefits, such as having more flexibility and control.

Job Availability

Any major related to business or computers make up the majority of jobs that are available in the market. More than half of the careers across all industries are made up of professionals skilled in business or computers. In fact, most of the job offers at a college are to students that have majored in business or computers. According to the University of Illinois’s admission officers, students that major in business or computer science get at least 3 job offers to choose from. Often times, undergraduates are presented with a wide variety of college majors to choose from and are encouraged to explore and “find their true passion.” However, majors such as theater get close to no job offers due to lack of demand and need in the job industry. According to bls.gov there are about 1.2 million accountant jobs filled. kocsmai nyerőgépes játékok letöltése ingyen

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