How to launch a Novus Club Chapter

Find Other Interested Students

The first and most important step is to find students with an interest in technology or entrepreneurship, because these are the students that will form the foundation of the club. Having others that support Novus and its mission not only helps to build up recognition, but also works to speed up the process of getting a chapter established. Being around others with the same interest also creates a sense of excitement or positivity.

Find Sponsors

It’s also critical to have support and guidance/mentorship from adult sponsors at your school to help run a Novus club throughout the year. Sponsors have experience and expertise in specific career fields that can be highly valuable when collaborating on projects. gaminator 777: ingyen nyerőgépek, kaszinó, játékok Sponsors can assist in making wise decisions and provide constructive feedback on collaborative Novus projects for annual competitions.

Contact School Administrators

An important step to establishing a Novus Club chapter at your school is contacting administrators about your interests and how Novus can prepare students with vital college and career skills for both inside and outside the classroom. Remember to do this in a professional manner, since at the end of the day, your school’s administrators are the determining factor to whether or not Novus Club gets an approval.

Begin Marketing

Once you receive support from sponsors and approval from school administrators, it’s time to get the buzz out and begin a Novus Club marketing campaign at your school to rally interest and potential members. There are various channels of marketing that you can use, but keep in mind– some may provide better results than others. Channels can include posters, videos, social media, school announcements, etc. gaminator mobile bonus We’ll provide you with content and resources for your campaign through the Novus Development kit. sportfogadás toto tippek Contact us at launch@novusclub.org for more information.

Host an Informational Meeting

The first meeting for your school’s Novus chapter should be an informational meeting for students to get a solid overview about the club and its events. The marketing campaign should include the date, time, and location of this informational meet to reduce any confusion or hecticness. It is also critical to plan this meeting well ahead of time with your Novus chapter’s sponsor(s) to get the best engagement with members.

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