How to Run Mac OS on any PC

Investing in an Apple Computer is a hefty purchase. Many coders who are not able to purchase a Mac turn to a hackintosh, which is any non-Apple computer that has been tweaked to run MacOS. The hardware can either be manufacturer-made or personally-built computer. kasyno online trustly

Latest OS

Currently, the latest version is macOS 10.12 Sierra. There is typically a new Mac OS (operating system) every year so it’s important to make sure you’re installing the latest version possible. Using the latest version possible can resolve security vulnerabilities, bugs, improve performance, and functionality. kasyno online wpłata blik Also, the latest OS always provides a smoother overall user experience.


As mentioned earlier there are various methods of installing MacOS on a PC. Two of the methods require downloading the Mac OS file, transferring the file to the PC using a USB, and changing the BIOS settings. The virtual machine methods just requires injecting the downloaded file to the virtual machine app (e.g. VMware).

One of those ways is installing it on the computer’s hard drive. To be more specific there are two ways to boot it with the hard drive: a single boot or a dual boot. automaty online bez rejestracji A single boot completely removes Windows from the computer and installs Mac OS. A dual boot runs both Mac OS and Windows at the same time. Use the following links to continue with this method: Link 1 & Link 2.

Another way of installing MacOS is by using a virtual machine, which emulates a Mac machine running inside of the Windows machine. This method also gives you access to both Windows and Mac OS. However, this method is typically not as smooth as the first method because the computer is trying to run Mac on top of Windows. Use this link to continue with this method. The previous link suggests using VirtualBox but VMware is a better alternative.

The third method is building your own customized PC to install Mac OS to it. A customized PC can be build by purchasing the different parts that are compatible. This method can be a bit more expensive but it provides the smoothest user experience of the three different methods because it is meant to mimic a real Mac computer by using similar parts. Use this link to continue with this method.

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