Learning Knowledge vs Applying Knowledge

We’ve all stressed over grades and might have spent late nights studying for tests in borderline classes– but little do many know that there is a missing component to apprehending knowledge that colleges and employers care more about. The application of knowledge.

The Difference?

Most students go about their day going to school, perhaps taking some notes if you are diligent, and returning home to complete any homework/tasks given out during the day. Although it may seem normal, this has become an unfortunate reality. bet sportfogadás Long gone are the days where strong GPAs give you a competitive advantage for your future. Learning class material is one thing, but what more and more employers/colleges would like to see, is taking what you learned in class and applying it to the real world.

Importance of Application

Don’t get us wrong– paying attention in class and learning the material is important, but it isn’t everything. This article doesn’t warrant students to simply pass their classes by the bare minimum, but that it is necessary to go beyond the classroom. Getting straight A’s is helpful, but it only shows that you are good at academics. Unfortunately, in the real world, life isn’t graded on an A to F scale. élő kaszinó online You won’t always know what’s going to be on the test, and not everything has a right answer. Careers, leadership, decision-making, execution—none come with a syllabus, study guide, or answer key. To show an employer or admissions officer that you are capable of a role, requires that you have prior experience applying your skills/knowledge.

Opportunities to Gain Application Experience

Of course, you’ve probably have heard this already from your teachers or counselors, but the best way to gain experiences to apply your knowledge is by getting involved. This means taking time outside of school to work on an internship, unique projects, or getting together with a group/team in extracurriculars to achieve something noteworthy where your skills will be enhanced and put to the test. ingyen kockás nyerőgépes játékok Fortunately, Novus is the best of both worlds. Joining a Novus Club at your school allows you to take the material you learn in class or research online and gives you an opportunity to apply it in a real-world application. Not only do you get a chance to win awards at our annual conference, but you are able to build up your portfolio/resume with outstanding projects that truly set you apart.

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