The Top 3 Ways to Learn Computer Science

Computer Science Demand

With the large scale growth of jobs for computer scientists (2x the average job growth rate) it’s important to start learning how to code as soon as possible. There are a number of online programs that help students learn to code, but which ones are the best?

3. Edx

Edx was founded by MIT and Harvard in 2012 with the goal of providing anyone with an internet connection access to high quality courses taught by the best professors at the best universities. Edx hosts a wide variety of online courses that range from the philosophy of happiness to intro to computer science.

If you’re looking to start with Edx, your best bet is to begin with MIT 6.001x. The course, taught by MIT professors, focuses on giving students a foundation in computer science by using a Python, a powerful programming language.

Edx, provides its students with a number of resources to help them progress through a course in its entirety. Students watch a number of lectures pre-recorded by MIT professors and complete coding exercises and quizzes that are graded automatically. Students struggling with course material can seek help on the course’s Facebook page or student forum. melyik a legjobb fogadoiroda The forum is a host to peers and teaching assistants that actively monitor the forum to answer questions.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy offers courses in 12 different programming languages, that enable you create anything from a website to a mobile application. Codecademy courses are completely interactive, meaning there are no lectures. Students complete coding exercises using a text guide that teaches them conceptual computer science ideas and language specific syntax.

Click here to check out Codecademy’s course catalog to begin your learning. sportfogadás bónusz befizetés nélkül  codeacademy.com

1. Team Treehouse

Despite its steep subscription cost of $25/ month, Team Treehouse offers exclusive high quality learning experiences that includes lectures, coding challenges, and a discussion forum. The subscription fee gives you access to all of Treehouse’s courses; courses that range from startup know-how to iOS development. Like other online learning platforms, Team Treehouse gives its members access to exclusive student forums. Team Treehouse also works to ensure that their students retain their knowledge through coding challenges. nyerögépes játékok ingyen letöltése

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