3 Tips on Selecting the Right Major

Picking a college major is one of the most important decisions a high school senior can make. Being able to declare a major right off the bat tells your future school that your are passionate about studying a particular field straight out of high school– and for any teen that is impressive. Here are three things to consider when picking a college major. euro zakłady online


Picking a college major means picking a field to study in for four years– being passionate about that particular field will make life lot easier. Analyze your high school career; look at the classes you enjoyed the most, your extracurricular activities, and any projects or hobbies you had outside of school. If you cannot identify a passion, find solidarity in the fact that many people find themselves in the same situation. It is hard to identify a passion straight out of high school and that is okay because college majors can always change– go with your gut.


40% of pre-med students do not make it to medical school– and this is because the undergraduate course rigor is extremely difficult. When picking a college major, it is important to evaluate your academic strengths and weaknesses to ensure academic success. legalne zakłady sportowe Compare your high school courses to future university courses and make realistic predictions about your academic success. euro zaklady bukmacherskie online

Financial Security

Above all, going to college is an investment– a costly investment in your future, and with any investment it is vital that you get a return. Make a decision on your major based on the job market of that particular major. Take a careful look at the starting salaries, available jobs, and the job growth rate of your particular major. A powerful resource for identifying this information is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics hosts a wealth of information related to job descriptions, growth rates, salaries, and other related careers.

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