4 Tips for College Freshmen

In a few months, over two million high school seniors will graduate and go to college. Before you begin your college experience, take a look at the following tips to ensure you make the most out of your next four years.

1. Make a four year plan

In college, you will be completely responsible for managing your schedule to ensure timely graduation. Before you head to your orientation ensure that you have a rough idea of how you would like your schedule to look. gaminator kalandtúra Be sure to take into account your major’s requirements, your school’s core requirements, and prerequisites.

2. RateMyProfessor is Godsend

When picking your classes, use RateMyProfessor to get the best professors for your classes– it’s typically very accurate. The site allows you to view comments, difficulty ratings, and overall ratings on certain professors. Many comments often contain valuable information about courses regarding workload, tests, and essays.

3. Freshman Fifteen

While in college, you’ll have access to a buffet everyday– but don’t be fooled, this buffet will destroy your health. Consider beginning to count calories as you head off to college, typically, food items in your school’s dining hall will be labeled with caloric information which makes calories much easier to track.

4. Student Orgs

Research student organizations at your school and think about which orgs you want to become a part of. During your first week at college, you will likely attend an org fair where academic, career, social, and service based organizations come together to recruit underclassmen. Be prepared for the fair by knowing which org representatives you want to visit. tippmix sportfogadás szelvény

5. Textbooks *bonus tip*

Textbooks have become wildly expensive over the past few years and sticking to your school’s bookstore will not save you money. Scavenger your school’s Facebook page to find upperclassmen selling their old textbooks, look for free copies of books online, and be sure to price check your books on Amazon and Chegg. hivatalos lóverseny fogadóiroda

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