How to Make a Web App with Awesome Tables

Do you have loads of data stored on a Google Spreadsheet? Does that data need to be displayed in a easy to read format? Awesome Tables is the perfect solution that creates a web application for various data. This platform runs in real time, which means that the changes made on the spreadsheet will take effect on the web app as soon as it is saved on Google Spreadsheets.

1. Sign Up

If you don’t have a Google or Gmail account, create one to get started. If you already have an account, use it to sign up for Awesome Tables. Your Google account will be connected to Awesome Tables so that all data can be saved and can only be edited by you or collaborators.

2. Visit the Website

Before getting started, we recommend that you or your developer reads through the documentation to get a basic idea of how to use Awesome Tables in different ways. After reading the documentation, the developer can take advantage of the template gallery to create the web app or start with a blank theme.

3. Customize the Web App

Once you pick out a template or create your own, there are various customizations available that change the way the data is displayed. The view configuration menu allows you to change the visualization type (tables, cards, map, map with table, geochart, etc. legalne zakłady sportowe ). After you pick a card type, the settings allow you to further customize how the data is displayed by the number of cards that appear in rows and columns or by changing the card width or length. The formatting menu provides the option to change the background of the Awesome Table cards (transparent is recommend).

4. Edit the Data

Under the data source menu, there is a link to a Google spreadsheet, which handles the data that is displayed in your Awesome Table. This spreadsheet will save in your Google Drive account for future references or edits. If you would like to customize the way your data is displayed, sheet 2 in the Google spreadsheet file allows you to edit the HTML and CSS for advanced customization.

5. Publish

After you’ve picked your template and saved your data, the share button in the Awesome Tables website provides links to share your work. The embed tab provides code that can be pasted on your website through HTML for convenient access. zakłady sportowe i bukmacherskie kontra multilotek chomikuj Lastly, don’t forget to share your Google Spreadsheet as public– to your company/organization, or specific people so that the others can read your displayed data.

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